Recorder, Voice, Shawm, Fiddle, 
Organetto, Pipe and Tabor and more

Based in Basel (CH), the ensemble .q.p.i.t. specialises in the performance of music from the 14th and 15th century.


Named after “.q.uaternaria, senario .p.erfecta, senario .i.mperfecta and .t.ernaria”, the typical symbols representing the measures of the notation system elaborated in Marchetto da Padova’s Pomerium in arte musice mensurate (1318), .q.p.i.t. aims at exploring the music of Italian Ars Nova, a largely secular repertoire that manifests secular concerns still highly relevant to the modern-day society.


The members of Ensemble .q.p.i.t. met in 2018 at Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, where they currently pursue studies in Medieval and Renaissance music. With a passion in enlivening the music of the past and an inquisitive spirit concerning the use of musical instruments, .q.p.i.t. gathers to investigate the secular concerns in the Trecento society and to explore the various necessities and value judgment at the time, including the ancient myths, love and hatred, animals and nature, politics and heroic figures… all prominently mentioned in the Trecento repertoire. With the mission and vision to put emphasis on the mix of instruments and voice in the repertoire, the ensemble engages in keen research on performance practices and the historical contexts of the repertoire.


Ensemble .q.p.i.t. has been selected as one of the finalists for the York Early Music International Young Artists Competition in July 2019, and also has been selected to participate in the International Van Wassenaer Competition in August 2019. 

© Copyright 2018 by Ensemble .q.p.i.t. 

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